Investment Strategy

EX.TRA is based on the principle of “Expansion with TRAditional entrepreneurial virtues ” within the middlemarket. Hence EX.TRA invests primarily in well established, innovative middlemarket companies with already positive cash flows that require additional capital to realize competitive growth opportunities and strategic plans. Innovative and well-organized seed- or startups teams in Germany will be also considered as investment opportunity.

EX.TRA focusses on

  1. Technology-oriented companies with a proven track record. Target companies are successful manufacturers or suppliers with revenues of up to €100 million in the following areas: automotive, medical technology, optical systems, electronics, energy, environmental technologies.
  2. Early-stage investment opportunities will be pursued for disruptive and innovative technologies (please see above) and new service solutions in mainly German speaking regions.
  3. Private Equity direct fund investments within the SME-sector in Germany and EU (only upon referrals)
  4. Non-performing loans and non-core assets from balance sheet adjustments (worldwide)
  5. Direct Real Estate Investments, mainly downtown Duesseldorf and surrounding regions (Monheim, Essen)

About Company

EX.TRA is tailored mainly for the own families, but is also open for co-investments together with semi-professional investors seeking high returns and for this asset class relatively low investment risks. EX.TRA will invest up to € 5 million per portfolio company.

Overview Portfolio

JCO GmbHDConsulting€ 50majorityactive

Capital in currency k
a&f Großserien GmbHDMetal Processing€ 600minorityactive
Baltic C GmbHDLogistics€ 30minorityactive
Berlinbiotechpark GmbH & Co KGDRE/Infrastructure€ 5.000minorityexit 2015
Biogon GmbHDFunctional Food€ 100majorityactive
CAPInside AGDFinTech€ 3.000minorityactive
Cardio Vascular BiotechUSABiotech$ 850minorityactive
DSF Anteils GmbHDPE Holding€ 50majorityexit 2018
DSF Vierzehnte Verwaltungs GmbHDPE Holding€ 50majorityexit 2019
DSF Multifamily GmbH & Co KGDPE Fund€ 14.000majorityexit 2016
Euregio Analytic BiotechDBiotech€ 50minorityactive
Glassmetall Riemer GmbHDMetal Processing€ 50minorityactive
Gold Trust AGCHFinancial ServiceCHF 350majorityactive
IK Partners (Industrikapital)LuxPE Fund€ 1.800.000minoityactive
INSIGHTSUSPE Fund$ 13.00.000minoityactive
Loan Portfolio GmbHInt.Financial Services€ 25.000minorityactive
MITECH AGDPE Holding€ 50majorityactive
PINOVA Capital GmbH IDPE Fund€ 117.000minorityactive
PINOVA Capital GmbH IIDPE Fund€ 117.000minorityactive
PERMIRA VIUKPE Fund€ 1300000minorityactive
Praxis Active Equity Fund I+IISAPE FundR 400000minorityexit 2018
Singapore Flyer GmbH & Co. KGD/SGReal Estate Fund€ 140minorityexit 2016
WPD GmbHDNew Energy Fund€ 20minorityactive